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Top water heater easily connects directly to your shower head and heats the water instantly. Top is providing constant hot water as long as needed.

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Comes in many variations. Can be used directly as shower head or sink tap. Comes with flow switch or manual operation switch.

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Excel is a compact and easy to install electric water heater, with 3 heat levels it turn to be an easy to use device that can be installed under the sink or in the shower.

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Compact and powerful. Comes with various flow and heating control options. Can be used for single point or as multi point water heating solution.

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Compact and modern instant water heater. Uses less electricity and provides excellent constant hot water.

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The best solution to cut off your bills. With advanced controls switches and high temperature output, this device is our best seller.

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Super electric water heater comes in many variation, include with digital display of water temperature. It can be used for single point or as central water heating solution.

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Our most advanced water heating solution. The Excellent is Digital - Set the temperature and this amazing heater will provide it.

One Point Water Heating Solutions

One Point Solutions

Small and effective inline water heaters are the most effective solution for one spot such as sink or shower.
Multi Point Water Heating Solutions

Multi Point Solutions

View multi point water heating solutions for your private household, office and even larger commercial use.

Green Energy

Save over 40% energy with our electric water heaters, when compared to traditional water heaters.Our smart products cuts down your monthly water heating bills, by using wise usage logic that turns on the heating only when you use hot water without the need to heat up a large water tank.

Our tankless electric water heating solutions provide you instant and continues hot water on the demand, so you will not have to worry about running out of hot water any more.

1 Shower per day - save up to 85%
2 Showers per day - save up to 75%
3 Showers per day - save up to 68%
4 Showers per day - save up to 63%
5 Showers per day - save up to 57%